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This introduction is just another lorem ipsum dolor sit amet nullam consequat feugiat consequat magna. Me myself, former students in random university, right now is staff at another random university in Indonesia. Of course this lorem ipsum dolor tempus sit cursus is nothing to do with my current occupation but merely just fill in the blank sentences. My name, when you search on searching engine, always ended up on pages whose not mine. So for the sake of lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, for once, I want to embed my name on my own site, Rudi Adha Prihandoko. Last but not least, this paragraph is lorem ipsum dolor sit amet aliquam and built with an anticipation for ones like you who want to read till the end. Period.

What is in this site

  • Code and Such

    Unfortunately this wasn't the right place for learn that sort of things, yet. But I hope in the future we can talk about lorem ipsum and such in this page. Of course with proper language(s).

  • Document Copy

    If you want to get files regarding academic and such, goes to my academic pages rudi.staff.ugm.ac.id. But this page build for reasons. One of them is to have mirror from that place, of course with lorem ipsum and little delay.

  • To be Told

    One said that silent is diamond. But as lorem ipsum goes, lots of stories forgotten. Within every stories, lots of tears roll down bring sadness away. Within every lorem ipsum there are lots of smiles and sweats, loves and regrets.

Some Fake Statistics

Since we got space, why won't we put our icon and hopes that this stat would come true someday.

  • 5,120 Finished Project
  • 8,192 Files Stored
  • 2,048 Subscribers
  • 4,096 Online viewer
  • 1,024 Stories told

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